Sunday, April 19, 2009

5000 Mile Mardi Gras Road Trip - Day 15 (continued)

After fueling up at a drive-in burger spot packed with teenagers and sporting roller skating car hops, I spent an interesting afternoon touring Las Vegas, N.M. A trading center for settlers on the Santa Fe Trail during the early 1800's, It later became a principal railroad town and currently has over 900 buildings on the National Historic Register, more than any other community west of the Mississippi. Try as I may, I couldn't find a single shop that had any architectural salvage. I thought I either just missed out or maybe that kind of material is at a premium and not generally available, given how many historic buildings might need renovation. It surprised me though, and became a minor third-water mystery I'm still trying to solve.

I tooled down the road to Santa Fe, arriving at dinner time, anticipating a two-day layover for some R&R and a solo celebration of my birthday on the road.

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